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Default Re: Time To 'Fess Up...

I'm a bipolar angler. I spend half the year in Missouri, where I spend 95% of my fishing time on the Ozark streams fishing for smallmouth bass. I spend the other half in Montana, where I spend nearly all my fishing time on rivers and streams fishing for trout. In Missouri, where I grew up, 95% of my smallmouth fishing is done with baitcasting and spinning tackle. In Montana, I've yet to fish for trout with anything but a fly rod, though I think about it now and then just wondering what I could catch with my baitcasting tackle and big minnow-shaped crankbaits.

As much as I love fly fishing, my first true love was and probably still is floating a smallmouth stream in a canoe. And if you're floating in a canoe, it isn't easy nor really very efficient to use a fly rod, compared to the baitcasting and spinning tackle. It's not that I HAVE to catch fish, I just purely enjoy fishing well, no matter what kind of tackle I use.

So yeah...I own and frequently use 10 baitcasting outfits, 4 spinning outfits, and 9 fly rods.
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