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Default Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?

I am tying some streamers on 2/0 B10S hooks after a pattern I started tying on size 2 B10S hooks with Zonker Strips (rabbit fur strips) and a deer hair meat head but subbing Maribou instead of the Zonker Strips.

Any idea on how many feathers to use per hook?

I just tied one with 2 feathers each with fairly flimsy spines. I had to sift through a few to find them. When I did a test run in the pond to see what the action was like/how my rod cast it the fly came out extremely thin.

I'm thinking maybe 6-8 feathers per hook instead? That and I need to make the whole thing heavier to get it to go under the surface of the water better. Right now this one floats on top way too much.

I'm thinking, though, combining more marabou and weight will take it out of my 6wt rod's league. We'll see. It is an Orvis TLS 906-4, tip flex, with Scientific Anglers Titan Taper line - it has been a tremendous help with my bigger terrestrials and streamers thus far and has held me back from getting a heavier rod set up. These 2/0 streamers are going to push the limits when I get them dialed in I'm sure.
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