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Default Re: A Fat Wallet Runs Through it - by Richard Cockle

bad things come with it, where i hunt there is a big private land ranches who let vary little hunting of the elk.
the elk have learned to run there during hunting season.
now the game and fish say the carrying capacity of the areas around this ranch is 3500 elk the lack of hunting has the herd at over 8000.
its only one bad winter away from a devastating winter kill.
the elk population has diminished the mule deer populations in the area.
they have over browsed the aspens to the point the state has to do controlled burns to get regrowth of aspens at the expense of the tax payers.
the old rancher did survay's and let hunters in to keep the elk and deer to a healthy levels
we use to go fight fires on it when the old rancher had it, if it burns now i'll bring the marshmellows.
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