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Default your thoughts on synthetics


The other day I was searching around locally for a tube fly holder for my vise so I could experiment on some patterns. When my Quest led me to a local wholesaler that I didn't know existed. I called to see if he had one, he said yes and to come on over. I pull up to his place and it kind of looked like a remodeled barn. I walk up to the door thinking what did I get myself into. When I walked in WOW!!!, It was complete overload. It looked like fly tying Vallhalla. Probably six or seven thousand square feet of material and tools.

Well I got my tube fly holder and some tube. some beer bottle mylar tinsel and asked about some arctic fox. He said he had some, but he also said he had something better. Some synthetic arctic fox, I liked it but being a newer fly tier I have no basis for comparison. so I picked some up. Thats all I purchased that day. I could have spent a hundred and fifty dollars and still not gone home with what I needed (I'm planning a trip back but this time with a shopping list)

It turns out He is the worlds largest supplier for synthetic fly tying material, and believes that it is the future of fly tying. While I don"t believe that it will happen any time soon I am curious of your thoughts on the matter.

He seemed to have allot of synthetic substitutes to most materials with the exception of feathers. But he did have hackle wrap that looked pretty good.

I also would like to hear your thoughts on synthetics verses the real thing

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