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Default Re: Wind River Range...

Thanks guys. Just the wife and I coming. I showed her some random Google images of the Wind River Range at breakfast today. She is totally on board. We are more into canoeing and rafting remote float trips, but have strong bush skills, common sense, and such. What we lack is physical conditioning at the moment and insight into this area.

Looking for an easy 5-6 night trip covering 15-20 miles to get the lay of the land. Dont want to bite off more than we can chew. Perhaps a more ambitious trip for next year. Fly fishing and scenery is more important than putting in a bunch of miles. Aside from a fly fisherman, I am also an avid photographer. Google Danattherock Flickr and you can see the many sets (albums) from our travels, namely Alaska remote float trips, fly in cabins for steelhead (like the 36" in my Avatar) and such.

Long term plan, wife and I do a scouting trip or two, then bring mini me in 2-3 years after we get the lay of the land. He is only 8 months old now. Planned on taking him to Alaska each year, but with the ever increasing cost, and our financial situation at home, my fears are growing that it will be difficult. I just want him to see a bigger world than I did as a country boy growing up in rural NC. Proud of the roots, but want to give him some wings too. Around here it is a lot of farm pond fishing, NASCAR, and beer drinking by the river banks. I suspect he will enjoy it as much as I did, but I don't want him to see the rest of the country on the National Geographic Channel. I want him to see it through some polarized fishing glasses.

When I got to Alaska for the first time I was 30 years old. It opened my eyes to a world I had only known through the eyes of others on TV and in print. Would like to let him see something like that on a regular basis, right from the start. That will mean burning some jet fuel. But the hiking option in this case will forgo the $2500 bush plane fees, among other expenses, associated with trips to arctic Alaska. This has great appeal to me as I know we can afford to do it on a regular basis. Maybe mixing in a trip to Alaska every other year. That is what brings me here begging for info.

Coincidentally, my best buddy of 20 years is in Colorado now driving his kids and Jacks Plastic cataraft from river to river. Seems they are fishing the Roaring Fork, Green River, S fork of Snake, and the Madison. He is going near the Wind River Range based on a text I got late last night. Told him to snap a few extra pics. Wanted to go on this trip with him, but my wife and I had just returned to work from vacation ourself.

We are wide open to suggestion and hoping for a little hand feeding. Don't have time to dally if we are to make a trip this Sept. Arranging vacation time from work is main issue. I think we can put together a nice entry level trip with your guidance. Mainly need intel on logistics, suggested routes/trails/lakes to check out, and such. Thanks for your time and any energy generated on our behalf.

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