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Default Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?

Thanks for the replies.

I got the new version out this morning with the weight and more feathers. I like it. The fly stays thicker in the water and it does not look like the shape is off much. The meat head is ugly as can be, but I don't think the fish will mind.

As to the 2/0 hooks - I wanted to make some big streamers so I picked the 2/0's. I have a pack of #2's that I tie my zonker streamers with. I just figured bigger fish = bigger fly = bigger hook.

The weighted fly works really good for what I had envisioned - the weight does in fact make it sink. With the heat wave we have here the fish are dug in deep so that is the only way to get to them. That having been said, the weight is too much for the 6wt rod to cast properly. I think the next one I tie I will use half the added weight. I want to get the fly to hover just under the surface, not ride on top and not sink.

The next one I tie I will use a little less marabou and see how it comes out. Before long I'll need to make another run to the fly shop for more . That's OK - at least it is cheap, $2.50 a pack. I do wish I could find longer deer hair for the meat heads. The stuff I have is pretty short for the size streamers I'm tying.
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