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Originally Posted by flyguy66 View Post
i was recruited as a columnist over there by deanna and wrote for them for 4 years. i interacted with them extensively. we always saw eye-to-eye on fly fishing issues, so i never had any arguments with them until i got involved with project healing waters. but i saw jc run off a lot of people who really didn't need to be run off. he was very much a "my way or the highway" kind of guy with a short fuse. it was his biz, and he had a right to be that way, though. he and deanna argued about that from time to time...for what it's worth. but another member there, betty hiner, began slandering veterans of iraq and afghanistan and saying that programs like project healing waters were "babying" them unnecessarily. i got pretty upset by that and took issue with her in the forums about it. i was blunt, but not abusive. she got very abusive and attacked me directly and repeatedly. eventually, i responded to her once more and jc threw me off the forum. i emailed him about it and he replied. in that reply, he said that he agreed with betty and that my responses to her were disrespectful of her age...something he would not tolerate. personally, i felt that dishonoring wounded warriors and disabled people was far worse and deserved condemnation. so i wore my banishment as a badge of honor. my columns are still a part of the feature content over there.

i lost all personal respect for jc over that, but my professional respect for his contributions to the world of fly fishing still endure. he and deanna are giants in the fly fishing world. and their impact on the sport and culture shall endure long after their passing. deanna is a gem of a person. and jim's life and work as a fly angler shall always be something i honor. so, yes, the fly fishing world lost something of great value on thursday. and i am a better angler for having known him.
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