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Default Re: Less force, more power. Contradiction or not?

Originally Posted by ZachMatthews View Post
At first you're not going to try to do "10 and 2" or any of that nonsense. Just throw the line well up in the air in the backcast. As far up and back as you can make it. With your head turned you'll see the line finish unrolling and begin to fall. As it starts to fall, begin your forward stroke. Hopefully having done the grass exercise and now having all of the backcast line traveling AWAY from your rod, you will have enough force (and enough feel) to begin to sense the loading or bending of the rod.
I too am a CCI, FWIW. I agree with the high backcast concept. Most novices think that since the line must go behind them, they must tip their rod behind them. This just opens up the loop in the backcast and loses engery. I tell students to cast to the clouds behind them. Thus they stop the backcast early enough (correctly) that the line flies Straight behind them. The rod loads, and the forward cast is better.

I will also add, this past winter I learned that Jason Borger did some tests and: if the rod tip travels from the classic 2:00 to 10:00 position in a straight line with good acceleration, the fly line at the firm stop of the forward cast is moving at 53 MPH. I think everyone will agree that should be fast enough to propel the line to the target without additional force, launching your arm forward, or giving the cast that extra oomph. Firmly and smoothly from 10-2 and let the rod do the work.
Cheers, Greg
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