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Default Re: Lavro Drift Boats

Originally Posted by South Holston View Post
But have you ever paddled a Lavro?
I love mine... I fish generating water from a dam. The flow is 2400cfs, and my little boat is effortless. It will cut across the river with several strokes .
Just curious if you have ever even paddled one?
Just FYI, we paddle canoes. We row drift boats.

My buddy Doug guides out of a Lavro here in Bozeman because he got a super deal on it....$2500. I've rowed it and it is like a tank. And it is even worse when the wind picks up. It got him through a couple seasons but he is buying a 16' lp clack in the off season.

I will say they can take on some big water and really are bullet proof. But especially for a tailwater, there are better options.

But hey, different strokes/folks right? At least you are pleased and that is really what counts.
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