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Default Re: My Helios broke last week!

Originally Posted by bigtone1411 View Post
Hey Rick. Have you heard back from Orvis yet?

I sent them a e-mail last night. They responded this morning and said that they received my rod and will repair ASAP.

I shipped with FedEx (the guy there saw the Helios name on the rod tube, and I thought he might steal it!), and it takes one week to get the rod to Manchester, VT! LOL, maybe I should have gone with UPS?

It's so hot that I only go fishing near dark and my UL spin is working out pretty good with the crappies. Also a inch broke off the top of the rod ...... if they glue another tip on the rod will be 1" too short! They will have to put another top section on?

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Originally Posted by nick k View Post
I did remember that you had a Superfine, and I love mine as well. I actually went to my local Orvis yesterday

We used to have a Orvis dealer close by (in Lancaster) I think it was called "Evening Rise". They closed two years ago! I'll have to look for another dealer that isn't too far away.

The problem is: The dealers only have a small percentage of the Orvis stuff. When I went looking for a 1wt Superfine (four years ago) the shop only had 4, 5, and 6 wts! The guy there didn't even know that Orvis made a 1 wt rod!

I ordered online (and I got a free reel also). Any fly shop can only carry a few items ...... and they will double-talk like crazy to sell you what they have in their store!! They have to, or they would go out of business!

Orvis sends me catalogs almost every week! And I love their web site. Late at night, drinking a bit, and a comfy chair in front of my 27" iMac screen, I order online ....... maybe too much!

Tungsten bead heads 7/64 in black and in bulk (100) at a low price ....... Lip Ripper ..... also a good cyber site!
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