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Default Re: My Helios broke last week!

Originally Posted by nick k View Post
If you are looking to buy beads, cones, or chains, you can't get any better prices than Allen. Cheaper if you buy in bulk too I think. Plus free shipping.

Are you a salesman for Allen? Maybe a kickback? A friend that works there? Don't you think that most folks are smart enough to compare prices? Even if you can't multiply, a calculator is pretty easy to use these days!

I just checked, and Allen is $5.35 for 25 beads. no bulk 100?

$5.35 X 4 = $21.40 . Lip is $11.95! but you get free shipping with Allen! LOL but Lip also has free shipping if you spend some bucks there.

I hope that you know that I'm only kidding with you, Nick? Just having a little fun until the sun goes down a bit! I've become a vampire and only fish at night!
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