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Default Need help from Orvis rod users

I've been lurking here for sometime enjoying your thoughtful comments and now I have a question of my own. I recently broke a tip on an Orvis Silver Label TL 5wt 9.5 tip flex 2 piece. Orvis amazed me with their service. They told me that they would fix it in 3 to 6 weeks, but when I called them to confirm the receipt of my rod they informed me that they had sent me a TLS 5wt 9.5 tip flex 2piece. I am out of town so it will be several weeks before I get a chance to cast this new rod. I believe from my conversations with the Orvis reps that they might let me upgrade if I so choose. I haven't found any Orvis dealers anywhere near me that had more than one or two rods, so it looks like casting before I buy is out of the question.

I havent been able to find much chatter on this board or any where else about the TLS series. I was thinking about maybe upgrading to the T3. A 6wt rod might fit better in my arsenal. I need a rod for LMB and trout. I have a 2wt, and a Clearwater 5wt. I also have a 9wt. I'm thinking that I might prefer the 7.0 to the 9.5, but maybe the 9.5 would be better for streamers etc. Any advise on Orvis rods would be greatly appreciated....Thanks
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