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Default Re: How are the water levels?

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In the paper today:

High water temperatures and low flows on the Madison and Big Hole rivers have prompted state officials to restrict fishing on portions of those waters.

Beginning July 22, no fishing will be allowed from 2 p.m. to midnight on the lower Madison River from Ennis Dam (east of McAllister) to the mouth and on the upper Big Hole River from the headwaters outside Jackson to Dickey Bridge.

Fishing to be restricted on parts of Madison and Big Hole rivers - The Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Environment
Yeah, it's looking like it's going to be a really tough summer. I'm disappointed.
Water temps on the lower G, Smith, Jeff routinely hitting the high 70s.
If the temps don't moderate we are going to see some wide ranging closures again like we did during the worst of the drought years.

I'm too lazy to look up the Big Hole's guidelines for closure but it won't surprise me if they close the whole thing again when it gets down under 200cfs at Melrose.
It's already hitting the mid 70's down there. Sad.

Meanwhile I'm in Minnesota and it won't stop raining here.
The Mississippi should be half as big as it is. The smallmouth fishing has been tough though the fish that are eating are big.
I'm going to hit up Wisconsin for a couple days next week before coming back to Montana, assuming the north country doesn't get nailed by another huge deluge and the rivers all blow out, again.
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