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Default Re: Bighorn River Float Trip

I'm a newbie to the forum, but have +50 years FF. If you would, did you use a Wyo based boat, or did you bring one in?

Some friends and I canoed the Hoback/Greys/Snake last month, and brought our boats in from Colo. We had all done the AIS registration beforehand, and I stopped once for the inspection and drove to Jackson. Another one of our group came in a different route, stopped at the first inspection station she saw, got checked and cleared and drove on. When she drove past another station later, a ranger chased her down and told her she was supposed to stop at ALL inspection stations.

I drift boat in a Vanguard raft and was thinking about heading up to the Snake, but I move it rolled in my truck and have no interest in unpacking and showing it every 100 miles or so.

What's the real rules?
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