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Default Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?

I tied up another streamer this evening. It is drying on the vice. I coated the deer hair meat head with daves flexament. My hope is it soaked in to the wraps around the shank to secure it all better. This specific fly I broke the thread about 5-6 times pulling on it pretty good (waxed nylon thread - the guy at the fly shop got me on to it about a year or more ago because it is supposed to be stronger than the stuff I was using).

In any event, I used less marabou on this one and pushed the tail hook back about 1/2 further back. The deer hair meat head is double the quantity or so that I used before - 4 layers vs. 2. The amount of steel wire I used is a bit less. Hopefully it is enough to get the streamer to sink below the surface, but not dive too quick.

I'll get a picture tomorrow after it dries up.
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