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Default Simms Headwaters or Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

I'm torn between the 2 and from what I hear both are comparable as far as durability is concerned. There's only a $100 difference in price and I have an Orvis store not far from me. Also, I don't have a Simms dealer near me. I want to purchase the Simms simply due to the fact that they are made in Montana versus the the Silver Sonics being made in China.
With the Orvis brand, if I have any problems I can go to the store but if there's a problem with the Simms, I'll have to pack them up and ship them to Montana. I'll save $100 if I go with the Orvis brand too. I really try to buy American when I can and this is one of those things were I feel more compelled to buy from an American company as the employees are anglers as well. I'm sure there a few anglers in the factory where the Orvis waders are made but they're probably 8 years old and work 16 hour days.
So, do I go with the Orvis brand where I know I that if I have any problems I can physically go to a brick and mortar store or do I buy American and support an American company? As stated previously, I'll be saving $100 too. Has anyone used the Silver Sonics? Has anyone used the Headwaters? Thanks for the feedback.
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