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Default Re: Rapidan newbie Help Needed

Originally Posted by diamond rush View Post
1. I regularly drive up the upper access (route 649) in a Saturn Coupe. Perfectly doable if you take your time. Definitely don't hike down from Skyline. It's a pain to hike back out after fishing. The lower parking lot (Graves Mills) is really easy to get to, but the fishing isn't quite as good down low, imho. You can start picking up fish at the Graves Mills parking lot if you work at it.
2. The general consensus is that the fishing gets better at higher elevations, but the fish get smaller. Nobody's going to be any more specific than that.
3. #14 Mr. Rapidan or Royal Wulff, any terrestrials up top. Weighted fat-bodied nymphs below.
Man, I really wish I was on this forum before I went up to the SNP this past weekend. I fished the rapidan from the top down and saw nothing. I was careful to stay as stealthy as possible but really couldn't find a pool that was holding anything. I fished half a mile up from Camp Rapidan all the way down to the Camp itself. The water was beautiful but no brookies to be seen. I was fishing #14 Mr. Rapidans and #16-14 tricos - no bites. Oh well, I'll have to go back and give it try from the bottom up I guess.
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