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Default Re: Rapidan newbie Help Needed

Originally Posted by diamond rush View Post
I can guarantee to you that there are brookies in those pools. However they head for the deepest holes and hide out when the weather and stream temps are as hot as they've been. You stand a shot if you can get weighted nymphs down to 'em, but it's very tough. Micro streamers supposedly work also, but I've never tried that. It's just very tough this time of year.

As for Murray's Fly Shop, he's on the wrong side of the mountains from DC so I haven't been there. I've read his book on fly fishing the SNP from cover to cover a couple times, though. I highly recommend it.
I should've learned from my experience fishing the Moormans near the resevoir. I caught a few brookies using a prince head nymph. What's the name of that book you're referencing? I'd like to check it out. Thanks.
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