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Default Re: Light fly reel for 6-7wt rods.

Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
4.5 to 5oz would be on the lighter side of things.

With that said, it's a difference of an ounce. I don't think that 1 oz will make or break your fishing day
Thank you very much for breaking it down in understandable pieces


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Originally Posted by mikel View Post
the difference in weight, as brookfieldangler pointed out, is not a deal killer nor maker on it's own. It matters in the context whole set up.

What are you trying to figure out? So far you've gotten answers in search of the real question...-Mike
I thought it was obvious what I was trying to figure out? I'm unsure about what is considered lightweight for my rods. But brookfieldangler gave a really good answer to my question, so I'm glad.

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