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Default Re: Opinions on 6 wt rods?

I can chime in on the Xa in 10' 7wt as I picked one up when they were doing a really good deal about two years ago. I've used it for large mouth bass but primarily for a couple Great Lakes Steelhead trips. I like having the extra foot for nymphing and really liked it chasing steelhead in Pulaski as it's not an overly fast action rod and I feel like it helped protect my tippet on hook ups. Prior to my trips I read about guys fishing the tribs in NY with fast action rods and loosing lots of fish to break offs. I don't chase steelhead enough (yet) to say whether this is true or not but it made sense to me. I had pretty good success with it as well and only broke off on one fish. You can really roll cast the hell out of it with a heavy rig. It's a stout rod.

That being said if I was primarily using it for a trout rod (nymphing or occasional streamers) I don't think it's your best option. The rod is a beast or more like a rocket launcher in my opinion. For comparison my buddies 8wt bvk felt like a 5wt in my hands after using the 7 wt Xa on a bass lake.

So for what it sounds like your targeting I wouldn't go over a 6wt personally in the Xa. I'm actually looking to pick up a 7wt this fall for streamer fishing but want something a little more nimble then the Xa I have now. I really like the rod but probably won't break it out other then steelhead or maybe a Salmon trip up North.

Hopefully someone on here has the Xa in a 6wt for a better comparison. Also I would send an email to Evan or Justin at Allen and describe exactly what your looking for. They won't steer you wrong. I've emailed them a handful of times and they really helped me narrow down what I want.
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