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Default Re: Marabou streamer on 2/0 hooks - how much?

That is a thought.

The last one I made (pictures in my last post) I used a lot more deer hair than I did before. The hard part is trying to get it all on the hook.

The marabou is tied in on the front hook about 1/4-3/8" from the eye. I also have a lot of thread wrapped around the shank so it is tapered (more or less) up to the marabou. This makes it pretty hard to get the deer hair to pack against it and I end up crowding the hook.

On another note, is there another kind of thread that I can get that will have much higher tinsel strength than the waxed nylon I am using? I don't like it when I am cranking down on the wraps and it pops on me. Sometimes I will unwind a bit and half-hitch the pig tail a few times, other times I'll start wrapping over top where it broke and layer a few wraps to lock the broke part in.

The last fly I tied (pictures previous post) worked out perfectly in the water after a few casts.

Once the fly got sufficiently wet it worked exactly how I wanted and then some. My goal was to have the streamer stick to just a hair under the surface of the water and not dive = too much weight. Well, this one does just that with a slow retrieval. When speeding up the retrieval the cemented deer hair head makes it dive. When I let off on the retrieval the streamer floats back up.

If only I could go cast to some Muskie on the lake....

These big 2/0 streamers are a bit much for my 6wt rod, but the two lighter versions I've made (the first and third) I can "cast" well enough to get them out. The second one I tied is all together too heavy, but may be worth experimenting with as it has enough weight to dive and will get deeper than the others.
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