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Default Re: Fly Fishing With Health Issues

Welcome to the club, Flybum. I turned 52 last month. I seem to add a new malady every year or two, and I went through the carpal tunnel thing a few years back. My CT was caused primarily by heavy computer work in the office, but it's also exacerbated by my guitar playing.

Fortunately, I didn't need surgery. Use of wrist braces like Fred suggests, along with some exercises from a physical therapist, relieved it in a couple of months. I also found that using glucosomine condroitin helps, but it takes at least 6 weeks to notice any effect.

Hang in there. With modern medicine, ailments that were incapacitating or even fatal a few decades ago are now merely inconveniences. I have an autoimmune condition that would have been deadly just a short while ago, but these days it's well controlled with a couple of pills every day and I have no ill effects.

Jesus said, "Go fishing!" (Luke 5:4). He said nothing about monthly reports, budgets, cost variances, manpower planning, or orders forecasts.
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