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Default Re: click and pawl maintenance?

I've used "never seize' and other similar anit-sieze lubricants for my whole life.

Auto stuff is suppose to be for fly reals and most of it is horrific for fly lines.

The good thing about Never Seize is that it is pretty much a graphite suspension. When the oil/grease dissipates you end up with the graphite stuck to the surfaces. Its fairly dry, very water proof and doesn't pick up dust and debris much.

Light applications with a q-tip have never caused me any trouble.

For cleaning, I usually soak reels in a 20% solution of simple green and go after teh tough spots with a nylon brush and or compressed air.

Last reel I cleaned, a new-to-me Bristol 65, I put in a plastic shoe box with 20% simple green and a small aquarium water pump and gently blasted everything off.
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