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Default Re: favorite damsel body?

Thanks for the info silver creek! The guys at a LFS looked at me silly when I said I didnt want to have floating damsels that I wanted them to sink. I need to master my double haul first but after that Ill have to work on split shot fishing. So I can give sub surface damsel fishing a try!

Hiked into a small 4 acre lake yesterday. Walked up to the lake and stood there, next thing I knew fish were litterally shooting out of the water and jumping like mad. I was surounded by thousands of Damsels and the Browns were going nuts!! I only had 3 damsels but I fished them all. First cast I was targeting a smaller brown that was swimming past my log. He didnt want my fly so frustrated I roll casted out over a weed bed. My fly hadnt much more than touched the water and a very fat, decent sized brown rocketed out of the weeds and took my fly with such force that he broke off.

Sadly I walked back to my pack and to my stupidty realized I was running the 2 or 3 pound tippet that I was using for the small little river fish a few weeks earlier. Swapped out tippet went back to the weed bed cast out over it and watched as another fish swam like a little torpedo right for my fly. It stopped dead short circled around the fly, sank back to the bottom and started to swim away when he flipped back around and rocket back and took my fly. Landed him and he ended up being a nice fat 14" Brown. Later on the tree claimed that damsel and after that another tree claimed my 3rd and final damsel. Out of flies I tied on a fat albert and finished the day. In 3 hours I landed 3 nice browns, had the one break off and one slip its hook, and missed a few rises. These fish were big enough that I had a tough time landing them without a net. Maybe its my lack of fish handling skills but it is time for me to invest in my landing net.

I went down to town today to restock my damsels, figured I would buy a few since I dont have the materials I want to tie any more. I went to Orvis (even though they arent my favorite shop sometimes they are real nice guys) They broke into the shops private stash and gladly sold me a couple yards of my Hareline Damsel body!! They also showed me a cool trick to make Dragonfly bodies out of krysal flash. This is by far one of the coolest ways to make a body I have seen, I cant find a video online on how to do it but if your all interested Ill film myself doing it to give you an example. Its really simple and it looks really good, I wouldnt do all of my flies this way but it would deffinately be worth it to have 2 or 3.
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