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Default Re: 8wt. Reel Advice

sti geoff

im not going to try and sway you one way or another from Galvin or Hatch, ( I personally would do the T-6 in bronze, I think they look better ) I just wanted to throw this out there for you. This, is the Sage finished 3rd in their 8wt reel test, and now can be had for a mear 79 dollars.

Sage 1800 Series Fly Reel : Cabela's

Just food for thought.
I actually did order the Sage 1880 for my wife. I picked up the reel for $79 from Cabelas as you suggested.
Also, you mentioned the T6. Are you just saying you like the bronze color the best or were you suggesting putting a T6 on an 8wt?

The Sage 1880 would probably work for me too but I just have a thing for the machined reels & anodized aluminum.

Re: 8wt. Reel Advice
There are so many great reels out there.

I recently inherited a my first Nautilus, a CCF I am impressed by it.
My Old Florida #4 has served me well and though the company name has change I expect the same level of performance from my CCF.

The Nautilus FWX is prices fair and seems to meet you needs.

I also have a Tibor Back County that is a beaut, it has handled some nice fish in fresh and the salt.
I know there are a bunch of great reels. I have mostly ruled them out for one reason or another. I know that there are several others that will perform as well and provide years of service (Abel, Tibor). I've just narrowed it down to Galvan & Hatch for what appeals to me.

I think I'm leaning toward the Galvan. Everything I've read shows the drag to be plenty sufficient for Reds, Specs and Bones. If I ever end up casting to Permit and Tarpon it will be with a Guide's equipment. The tough thing is its hard to get my hands on a Galvin to check out in Houston.

If I had to make a choice based off of the company reputation, I would choose the Galvan. Galvan Reels is a small business based in the Sierra foothills of California. The Galvan family makes its rounds to sports shows all over the nation to plug its products and to see its customers. If you ever have a customer service issue, your phone or e-mail question will be answered by a Galvan.
Dennis - Great points - Thanks Much
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