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Default Re: A Soft Hackle Kinda Day

Originally Posted by s fontinalis View Post
look great, though i think the heads are a bit on the big side.

DO you tie the hackle in last?? I suspect so.

Try this

Start your thread on the hook, do a few wraps to secure the thread (jam knot), then tie in your hackle, on top of the shank, with the underside up (the hackle should curve up.
Secure the rest of the stem down along the hook shank, then tie the rest of your fly.

When it comes time to wrap the hackle, its already tied on!!
Just take your two or three wraps (for soft hackles, sometimes even one wrap of a half stripped feather is enough), then bring the thread through the hackle, tie off the end with a few wraps, and whip finish.
you have much smaller head, and a very secure hackle!

That sounds like a cool little trick, especially for the tiny, space ones. Will have to try it. I tie and fish mostly soft hackles.
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