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Default Re: Expensive waders, are they worth it?

Short answer for me, yes, they are worth it. Long answer, I'm just your normal fish when I can kinda guy. I've had a pair of Simms Guide waders(very similar to the current Guide Stockingfoot) for several years. They've made numerous trips out West to Colorado and the San Juan in New Mexico and one trip to Alaska. A few months before I bought them I had blown out a pair of Orvis breathables on the San Juan. Went to "Float n Fish" to get some new waders and the dude there asked me if I wanted to buy the last pair of waders I would ever need or just some good replacements. I think the Simms Guides were around $399 then(could be way off), that was not in my budget(whatever the cost then was). So I picked up a pair of the Simms Lightweights. They were by far the best waders I had owned to that point, and still around 250 bucks. But, a few months later I go into one of my semi-local fly shops and walk out with a pair of Simms Guides. Steve Dally seems to know what buttons to push on me to sell me something, even if I don't need it! I will bust out the lightweights occassionally, like when the smallmouth creeks are a little to cool to start wet wading, and they still look almost brand new. The Guides look like they've been rode hard and put up wet and still perform flawlessly. That's my two cents.
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