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Default Re: favorite damsel body?

Originally Posted by JoJer View Post
Another way: A dozen strands of green or blue Ultra Hair or Super Hair-I guess they still sell this stuff and call it that, my packages are very old- Tie them into he back of the hook like a long tail. Grab them with hackle pliers and twist them very tightly. Grab the middle of the length with your fingers or fold the length over a bodkin, and back to the hook. Tie the other end to the hook. When you release the folded part, the hair will twist around itself to form the extended body. Segment with a Sharpie. I finish the rest of the fly with peacock herl. Wings can be parachute or 6-8 strands of black Super Hair at right angles to the hook.
I've been tying these for a very long time, don't know who to credit the pattern to, but it does work.
Thats how they showed me how to do a body, but instead they took light blue krystal flash and black and did half and half. When all is said and done it pretty much does the black striping for you! I cant believe I couldnt find anything about how to do this online but its a neat concept and should work nicely for a few flies, but I do like variety and having a few different "designs"
Im still looking for a way to do the body and wings. Dubbing the boddy maybe with a little blue/black crystal flash ribbing with some wings of some type.
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