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Default Soft Hackle fly question

I'm going to show my limited entomology knowlege w/ this one. Regarding swinging soft hackles/flymphs, the swing poses some questions for me. I've been having alot of fun this summer experimenting with this tactic. I know this is a very old method of fishing, but it's new to me. I can understand how-say- a steelhead fly or large trout fly would entice a "strike" when swung, being that they are imitating "swimming" fish. But a soft hackle is imitating pupa/emergers. I know these natural bugs must have the ability to swim at least enough to actually "swing" in the current, and not just dead drift all the time. Some of the small patterns I've caught trout on were swung through some pretty fast currents (swung at a pretty good clip). I guess I'm having a hard time imagining actual nymphs/pupa swimming enough to combat the current and attempt to get broadside to the current. The naturals are pretty small, and it seems their small "gas" pockets would not be enough to do anything other than dead drift. Yet, soft hackles are most often swung and not dead drifted. How do these buggers "swim", and not dead drift?
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