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Default Re: Opinions on 6 wt rods?

I have an older Sage XP (which, as I understand it is the same as the newer VXP) in a 5 wt. .and I gotta say that it handled some stuff I shouldn't have been throwing with it on a recent trip.

I have the BVK 7 wt, and I think it's a great trout 7 wt. it is pretty fast, but I've thrown much faster and I think it's an awesome stick. One drawback that I've found with it is hat it doesn't have as much backbone as I'd like in the salt for lifting that sea monster that you always have the possibility of running into (though it will throw anything you want to)... I sound like someone who lost a big one, eh? I did recently, in Port Aransas... B

ut I think this rod just might be perfect for your needs, if it matches your stroke and you find it pleasant to cast.

I can't speak to the Allens, and I have nothing against them except to say that I can't seem to find anywhere to cast one... I hope that changes soon, I hear great things about them on here.

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With these two in my quiver, I don't feel that I have a need for a 6 wt... YET
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