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Default Re: Expensive waders, are they worth it?

Originally Posted by nick k View Post
I'm asking mostly because I have a new $500 gift card to Orvis and I don't really know what I want with it. ..

Orvis has invented the "no stitching" waders. The Sonic seam. I purchased the Sonic Seam Convertible when they first came out. $259 ..... but a huge size chart for a perfect fit, and no stinkin' thread stitches! They are melted together with sonic waves.

I'm pretty rough on my waders (I mentioned that fishing is my passion in life) and these waders don't leak at all. I think they will last me for a long time.

Every Orvis catalog for the last few months say "Why stop at just one?" The two best in the world products are the Helios and now the Silver Sonic.

$259 isn't too bad, Nick. A lot of waders are much higher price? And the convertible is a pretty neat thing! So easy to flip down to waist high.

Edit: After thinking about it for a while, I think you, Nick, should donate the 5 beans to this forum? Or, if you are a religious guy ...... give the money to your church! Jesus always needs a bit more money? He created the world and everybody in it ....... but for some strange reason, He can't manage money?
Or, cash in the gift card and put the money in a homeless persons hat? ...... he will tell you "thank's mister" and then he will go and buy some booze and drugs and maybe kill himself?
Or maybe take a inner-city kid fishing? You could buy him a starter fly rod and some flies with that 500? If he liked it, he could bring everybody from his block to fish there! Maybe some nice artwork on the rocks around the stream with spray paint? Soon, the "take a kid fishing" will have some real meaning? All your new friends could fill the fishing parking lots eat all the fish in your stream? They could rob the fly guys that go there, and put a little "hip hop" in that stream with their boom boxes?

Lots of things you can do with that $500, Nick?

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