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Default "Dunkable" 8wt. Fly Reel?

I've been asking you all advice on 8wt. Reels for Reds/Specks & Bones. I've narrowed it down to the following:

I am attracted to the idea of a used Abel 3N or a used Tibor Everglades but am worried about the dunking. The Abel Super8 seems even less "dunkable" with all the porting. I know they are great reels but I am absolutely going to end up dunking them while wading. Not that I'm going to try to - it's just going to happen.

So the question is should I pick up a used Abel/Tibor or opt for a reel with a sealed drag. I'm pretty open to all sealed drag reels except Nautilus and Lamson (nothing personal just taste). No Hatch Finatic either as it and a spare spool are out of my price range.

- Colton Torrent
- Sage 1880 (on sale $79 at Cabelas). Bought one for my wife & it's nice and simple. Strong drag & really no place for sand or salt to go. Only problem is I can't find anyone online who had used it for Bonefish.
- Van Staal C-Vex
- Galvin T8
- Allen

Thanks for any input.
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