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Default Re: "Dunkable" 8wt. Fly Reel?

I have been using an Everglades QC as my only reel for nearly 10 years. Only fish salt, avg 60-80 days on the water, gets dunked in about half of the trips. A rinse, air dry and ready for next time. Only recently serviced the drag. Haven't got any corrosion although have collected a couple of small dings, small chips in the anodising and maybe some boat rash.

The only reel I converted was a Mako. I received one last year but still trot the everglades out regularly.

The Abel would be a fine choice as well just look at the condition when buying either second hand as it is easy to be disappointed with the finish/drag condition on second hand reels.

Buying new the Colton has been getting some good wraps. I've also been impressed with the TFO BVK reel.

You don't say whether it will have regular use or whether it is a couple of days a year. That will influence your choice as well.

Buy what the heart wants and save if you have too. The higher end reels from all manufacturers will last and yield a lower $/yr cost in the long run...

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