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Default Re: "Dunkable" 8wt. Fly Reel?

Out of your list I'd go with the Galvan every day of the week. They are fantastic reels built like tanks without the weight. They have very smooth drags and great line capacity. If you need to have that pot sweetened, the Galvan as a company will crawl through shards of broken glass to fix any problem that may arise. They are a class act for sure. I'd have a couple but the wife says I can't own them all so I had to draw the line somewhere.
Thanks Grouch

You don't say whether it will have regular use or whether it is a couple of days a year. That will influence your choice as well.
Adam - Sorry it will be 2-3 times a year Max. That is until I can get all the teenagers grown up and out of the house I also have the Bowhunting wife to compete with!

Buy what the heart wants and save if you have too. The higher end reels from all manufacturers will last and yield a lower $/yr cost in the long run...
Very Good Point - This is usually what gets me in trouble

I haven't mentioned Mako sealed drag beauties because of their elite nature and I agree that a properly maintained Tibor, Abel or Islander is a long term value enhanced investment in your angling future. I occasionally encounter gentlemen that are fishing their original Seamaster for half a century and have no reason to change.
That would be an easy decision if I had the means.

I brought a Florida-built, sealed drag, skeletonized, super large arbor reel I really like on a guides boat in Biscayne Bay and asked him what he thought of it. He said he could take his Tibor and pound my reel flat with it and his reel would still work fine.
I love that reply!

I'm still driving myself nuts with all the options. I don't really have anything against Nautilus. I just have to get over loosing a hog rainbow on my guides Nautilus do to spool disengagement. It was a Black Nautilus (not sure which model) that was a little "gritty" and not sufficiently clicked in. The drag was also gritty and not smooth. Both probably due to lack of maintenance.
SweetandSalt - This would get to your comments on having a "Screw On" Spool as opposed to a spring loaded click on.

So I guess I'm open to a Nautilus - just can afford the NV (unless used).
Nothing against Lamsons in particular - I have fished them - they've just never appealed to me.

So 2-3 times a year and I don't want to buy another reel (Ever). So 2-3 times a year for 20-30 years. That will be a reel for me and my wife.

One thing that does concern me is the Spool Change. If I am out wading with the wife and we want to change lines for some reason I'd like it to be quick. This is the only thing that holds me back on getting a used Tibor Everglades or Abel 3n. Can't afford the Everglades QC.

I'm not sure if I need an extra line or spool for Redfish, Speckled Trout or Bonefish. i havent had anyone answer that question yet. If the answer is no then a used Everglades or Abel 3n may be the best choice.
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