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Default Re: "Dunkable" 8wt. Fly Reel?

As you are targeting bones/reds and I think you said squatique (spec. trout) you likely would have but one line; a tropical floater. SA, RIO and Airflo all make a fine line in this category and the brand and model best for you is not which is the best line but rather the best match for the rod you will be fishing.
S & S - I think you are right! Thanks for all your input and patience with me. All my thoughts on reels have been going through an evolution since I started asking questions.

I change lines on a reel by having a Bimini in my backing and a secure loop on the rear of each line. Simply wind off and on in my living room or camp with a plastic line spool and two pencils.
S&S - Can you "blow this up for me" so I can better understand? Maybe a picture if you have it. I love knots and would like to try it.
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