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Default Re: Blank most like Winston

Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
Pretty fast? Sorta funny how 2 different people can get 2 different things out of the same thing. As I said previously, I wouldn't consider the mhx fast. Medium to medium fast at best with most of load almost hitting mid rod. There is a little bit of reserve there to ramp it up if needed but not much.

Now my batson rx8 is definitely fast

Edit: I should add that I highly prefer faster action rods
I'm not sure where we're getting two different things? Unless you're trying to say that the MHX blanks are slow?

Compared to a Winston, at least my Winston WT, the MHX is "pretty fast" and I'm not sure how anyone could argue that point.

In any case, my original point was that I think the Dan Craft Sig IV blank is going to be closer to a Winston action than the MHX.

As with so many things, YMMV.
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