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Default Re: Upgrade or more of the same: ZXL to BIIIX

Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
My personal opinion is they're more similar than they are different. If you're looking for something to replace your ZXL and fill the same niche, that might be a good choice. If your goal is to add diversity to your quiver, then I'd consider different options, perhaps something such as a faster action rod or even a more moderate action, in say a 6 or 7wt.
That's what I was afraid of, and the other folks here all agree with you. I was really, really hoping the BIIIX was the ZXL with a little more "omph". A good 6 wt in either 9' or 9'6" is really my next purchase. I would ideally like two have 2 2-rods sets to fish: a 383 SPL and the 905 ZXL (or whatever I replace it with) for smaller water and the 489 Circa and a 696 (TBD) for bigger water and windy days.

Originally Posted by jastrout View Post
I buy your five weight if you really think the Winston would be better. The Circa is good in its application but it is no way as versatile as the ZXL.
I'll let you know what I decide. A 4 wt Circa may not be as versatile as the 4wt ZXL, but it is oh so much fun to fish!

Originally Posted by mysticm View Post
I 'll echo what Jaybo said - I fish a 486-4 & 690-4 ZXL combo and after going through many rods, still grab this set when I leave for a trip. I am not saying that I will never be seduced into buying a Circa or perhaps the new Scott Radian in the future, but for now the ZXL's work very well for dry fly, dry-dropper, nymphing & smaller streamers (sz6-10 w the 6wt)
I wish at times I got the ZXl in a 6wt, I have heard nothing but good things about them.

Originally Posted by thenewlushlife View Post
two rods I think would suit you nicely are the g.loomis GLX streamdance 905 or 865... I've had the privaledge of fishing the GLX hard for a week and was amazed at the ease of casting and raw performance for under $700, this rod is a favorite among guides. May be something to think about and try for yourself before buying. Good luck.
I have considered the Streamdance, the only problem is I can't find anyone near me who stocks them.

Before I tried the BIIIx I did cast a GVX. I actually went in specifically to try a GVX and had no intention of casting a B3x. It was certainly nice, but I didn't feel it was any better or more versatile then a ZXL for me. When I picked up the B3x and cast it on the lawn I was impressed immediately by how smooth and easy it was to cast. What really impressed me was how much easier it was to get some distance with versus my ZXL.

The ZXL is a very impressive rod, and I would love to see Sage bring it back with the Konnetic technology.
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