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Default Re: 4 weeks and still no Helios!!!

Originally Posted by innes View Post
Are you still drunk from last night or are you on round twelve of your night cap?
What's wrong, dude? Don't you like Bob Dylan? And what's wrong with a "night cap"? You would, if you could?

"They say evrything can be replaced,
Yet the Helios 2 is already here.
So I remember evry internet disgrace (like innes)
Of evry man who put me down. (like innes)
I see my light come shining
From central PA and to be yearned.
Any day now, any day now,
My Helios will be returned."

"They say every man on the internet is selling something?
and they use tricks to get free advertising all the time,
but I swear I'm only fly chatting, I sell nothing,
and I post pix of fish I catch on my line"

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