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Default Re: Fluorocarbon tippet - different than fluorocarbn line?

Thanks to everyone for your replies. I'll admit to feeling a little silly for not checking the diameter vs strength myself... do that anytime I'm trying to figure out what type of line to buy for a spinning or baitcaster, but didn't think to check different types of fluorocarbon.

My takeaway from all the different posts is that (like pretty much anything) the "right" answer depends on the fishing situation. For more difficult fishing situations with clear water and/or "smart" fish the premium for fluoro tippet should be the way to go. For other situations where a little larger diameter shouldn't matter as much due to dirty, fast water (spring steelhead fishing in this area comes to mind) a spool of fluoro "line" would be an good upgrade from mono tippet, but a better price than fluoro tippet. The same line could work when flyfishing for smallies.

My original question was prompted by a question from a friend I was helping prepare for an upcoming trip to MT with his family, none of whom have flyfished before. He has lots of fluoro line for walleye fishing here in MN, and it would be awfully expensive to buy a spool of fluoro tippet for himself and 3 sons, so they were going to use mono tippet. I wasn't sure what advice to give, but it seemed like the fluoro line would work, at least for nymphing.

I'm going to have to study Silver Creek's chart some next time it's time to restock on fluoro tippet!

Thanks again.
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