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Default Re: Fluorocarbon tippet - different than fluorocarbn line?

I have yet to find a fluorocarbon line that has the same strength to diameter as tippet material. When you compare the same diameter of fluorocarbon line with fluorocarbon tippet, the tippet material is stronger. That means you can use a thinner tippet of the same strength and get a more supple tippet that will give a more natural drift.
If I believed the printed breaking strength on a tippet spool I might agree.

My experience with very "non-scientific" testing is that breaking strength of lines (within line type, e.g. not comparing fluoro to mono) is VERY, VERY dependent upon diameter -- I don't care what the print says.

I like limp mono like Maxima Green in the 0.007" diameter (4 pound test) -- limpness matters more to me than visibility. I think the fish can see everything you put out there, including fluoro. I use the 4 pound for bluegill and trout exclusively and catch plenty of fish.

I have some fluoro spools but I don't use it often because I can barely break it off when I get snagged on the bottom when using 8+ pound size. So yeah it is strong, but fairly stiff IME.
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