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Default Re: Bluegills are the best!

Originally Posted by innes View Post
What are you fishing from?
I purchased a Dave Scadden "Outlaw Escape" a few months ago for a Christmas present to myself!

Joni has been promoting the Scadden stuff (a lot of folks on the internet are raving about the Scadden 'toons)...... she has the big brother of this one!

I used a Cross Creek UL last year. I really like float tubing with a UL fly rod. It's the most fishing local action you can have and at any time of the day! Bluegills bite like crazy all day, you don't have to get a early start?

These new float tubes / pontoons have the "bladderless" technology. They don't lose any air at all! The Escape will hold 600 lbs. Mine comes with aluminum oars, but I like to kick around with my flip fins instead!

Only 21 lbs, but I keep mine inflated all the time and just toss on my roof rack. It only takes me 30 seconds to get the tube in the water.

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Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
I really like the looks of your micro buggers!

Thanks, I tie all my own stuff, but it seems that a woolybugger (or a variation?) is all I use anymore!

I always look for those tiny feathers on the front of a saddle hackle hunk. If I wrap any fly with a tiny, thin hackle ..... the fly becomes alive and the fish just can't resist it!

I actually outfished a guy using a live worm chunk while I was using a no weight micro bugger! 10 to 1!! LOL Fly rods rule!
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