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Default Re: What is your one fish

I was honestly surprised at the variety of answers here. I thought the choice would be clear.

Bluegill are cute, voracious little buggers.
Bucketmouths will eat the biggest thing in your fly box, including the bluegill you just caught.
Bones and Barracuda will run like crazy. (wear lotsa sunscreen)
Rainbows will sip quietly and give it their all.
Brownies will test your hook-set with their bulldog head-shakes.
Carp will be surprisingly finicky and then show off their power.
Kings will tire your arm with their muscle and reckless abandon.
Smallies hit like a truck, never get tired, and win the pound-for-pound belt.

But I would give them all up for steelhead. The answer, my friends, is steelhead.

Edit: I just noticed this is in the warm water forum. My bad, I guess that explains the lack of steelhead on the list. In that case, the answer is smallies.
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