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Default Re: Casting in no wind.

I expect that when casting in the wind (if the wind is from the side), a very brisk back-cast and forecast help to keep the line from moving sideways too much. Or perhaps a more side-arm cast is used to keep the loop below the wind as much as possible.
When casting with the wind either from the front or the rear, a person usually casts hard and low into the wind (either fore or back) and more open and high with the wind.
None of these casts will work well when there is no wind (except maybe the side-arm to some degree), because the loop will be too open (and not unroll with the help of the wind) or be too tight (and have a tailing loop).
I suggest you relax, cast both fore and back with exactly the same energy and rod angle, and keep everything 'very medium'.
I cast most of the time from a boat on a large lake, and then in the winter when casting indoors for accuracy I have to really 'calm down' and use 1/2 the energy. Good luck.

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