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Thanks boz. That's along the lines of what I was thinking as I was trying to cross-reference them online. They were all in a small Plano box stuck in to some white foam. I actually found a good stash of other gear with the flies and based on what I found and the location, I believe the flies are just your general assortment from a local big-box store (either Cabela's or Sportsman's Warehouse here). In those stores the flies seems to sell for about a buck a piece, but some are a bit pricier.

My cheap Pfluegar combo that I bought came with 5 assorted flies. I've already managed to "whip" 3 of them off into oblivion and I didn't want to use any good flies to practice with as I am sure I will whip more off. This was one of the reason for wanting to identify the flies. Are there any of these flies that maybe I shouldn't practice with over the others (such as the ones you were able to discern)? I mostly fish for trout here in Colorado, but have warm-water ponds that I can practice at.

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Originally Posted by siege View Post
Hi Fmjnax, and welcome. !
What part of the country are you in, and what kind of fishing is available to you ?
Do you know anyone who flyfishes, or is there a fly shop near you ?
A little hands on instruction goes a long way when you are first starting out. It could be the difference between a poor experience and a lifelong gratifying hobby an obsession.
I guess you posted as I was typing the other reply. I'm in Western Colorado and mainly fish for trout, but have warm-water ponds around home to practice at. I know there's one fly shop but they seem snobby and not really interested in teaching a beginner a thing or two (I've already tried). I've been watching videos and reading material (mainly Orvis) to try and learn. My gear is cheap and, well, crappy, but if I can get the hang of casting then I will buy something that might actually allow me to land a fish.

Oh, and I notice you are in SE Idaho. I was born in Burley and raised in Pocatello. I wish I could get back there, but there's just not too many IT opportunities there. Island Park and the Henry's Fork is my absolute favorite place to be, especially for fishing (I pulled out a 12 pound Rainbow when I was 11 years old) and we try to go there for a week or two every year.

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