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Default Re: SW Oregon really is on fire. In a bad way.

fires have been going on in the western states long before they were states...50 thousand plus years and then some! a natural environment they actually cause good in the long run...

when folks build houses in the mountains and dont clear away dead trees and brush...they are asking for it. That is usually what gives these wildfires the extra umph to push them into catastrophe levels...normally fires of only brush and no dead understory dont go all that far. They actually provide nutrients for the grasses etc to get vital.

the beetle kill, and some other factors make it even more vulnerable...I dont want to see any more firefighters getting their harps just to protect some areas that were not tended to properly...period...

lets spend some money clearing out all the potential fuel...and maybe even making an industry of it...I cant believe that all that wood and timber cant be reclaimed...not too mention all the people out of work...if I needed a job I would be glad to clear out brush and dead timber for a paycheck. I did...and will again if its what it takes...

My Father worked in central Oregon in the 50's doing exactly that for the USFS...I have done it in Colorado recently just working on ranches...just because everyone knew(knows) if they did not the soil would be destroyed for years if a real blaze set it...its the super hot fires that have to be avoided. They kill seeds and soil.

maybe some of the prograns from the old days need to be reinstated, somewhere along the line someone decided to stop clearing out the dead wood...and that it was natures way???...JMHO...until then...everyone pray for a lot of rain...and that God protects those fire fighters...droughts and lightning are not going anywhere...maybe we should recalibrate our approach?

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