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Default Re: Carp - Never tried it, pointers?

Originally Posted by john montana View Post
Try 'em...they are awesome on the fly. challenging, big, and a really interesting method. I love 'em, spend 90% of my time with a fly rod in hand looking for carp.

My rules that I try to follow.
1) Know your forage
2) Don't cast until you can see their head
3) You gotta make 'em move (to detect the take)
4) To catch more carp, cast at less.

Good luck!

All carp threads need a picture:

Click the image to open in full size.

Who wouldn't want to hunt, spot and stalk a fish like this in 2 feet of water, then convince it to eat an artificial offering with no scent (carp feed mostly by scent). awesome! Good luck man...

I wish carp would get that big in the lake and areas I fish. Most are in the 6-12 range, some get over 15, but they a few and far between.
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