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Default Considering a boat.

Just getting into fishing but I already see a boat would be really nice to easing get where I need to go. I live in Memphis so most of my fishing will be in Arkansas on the little red river or maybe white and Norfork as well. Haven't been to those two yet. Been twice with guides on the little red and they use long flat bottomed boats that can deal with pretty shallow water I think they are made in Arkansas somewhere but I think they are pricey. Was considering just a canoe but I don't think I won't to spend that much time paddling. Especially upstream. I guess you can put a small motor on some. And storing it is simple. I guess the other option is a cheap used John boat and motor? Any thoughts. Canoe is appealing. Especially some of the sit on top varieties can be had cheap but I don't think a motor is doable and standing isn't easy. Any thought on a good way to get up and down the river for say $1000?
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