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Re: Reel Sizes

Good morning, I have really got into this meadlist1494 kich, seem i can not read or talk enough about them. I started fly fishing when i was around 10 yrs. old, whike others were playing ball i was looknig for bream in my popops pond or in roanoke with my parents looling for trout or smallmouth bass. the first reel that i owned was a shakesphere, but then i saw a 1494 in western auto,and that was that. purchased it for around , not real sure 5 or 6 dollars. still have it, still works. I am 68 yrs old so that tells you about how old the reel is,very small one . Ireally like the small ones best . Found one at a pawn shop the other day, going to pick it up today,has been mistreated for a long time but its fixable. thanks for listing to me rant on Yellowhammer:
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