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Default Re: How are the water levels?

Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
The Bitterroot River is a trickle today. The irrigators and heat are taking their tolls, the mid-river is flowing just over 100 cfs ... which is insanely low. I don't even want to see it like that. Autumn can't come fast enough least some showers and cold nights.
As one who's intently interested in upcoming weather/stream conditions in western Montana in the early Fall because of my planned visit, let me ask a couple questions and I hope I don't sound too dumb here. But I understand that as we get into September we can expect relief from high temps, but what about the stream water levels ? Do you expect them to be higher simply because there's less draw-down from irrigation in September, because that area won't be getting any significant precip until later on from winter snows, right ?
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