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Default Re: Casting in no wind.

Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
If I understand you correctly, you are casting with a trailing wind rather than into a head wind. That tells you why your delivery cast is weaker - you do not have the tailing wind to help propel the forward cast.

Are you using an oval (Reverse Belgian) cast with a low backcast and a high forward cast? What is your casting motion exactly?

The next time there is a wind, try casting into the wind which is how almost everyone interprets casting "in" the wind. We assume "in" means "into".
Just so I'm sure that you understand. I don't have the wind coming directly in my back, but at an angle across my body.

My casting motion is like Mel Kriergers. I pull the rod through the stroke. I try to have a high back cast and a level or higher forward cast. With the length of line I have in the air and the time it takes to straighten it will have dropped enough to not be completely out of plane.
Short cast - more compact stroke almost only using elbow, up, drift back and down.
Long stroke - forearm, upper arm and wrist work together.

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